The Basic Tennis Serve

Published 8/3/2008 12:19:26 PM by Shane Barrow from Dallas, Texas

1. Hold your racquet pointing out toward the net with your dominant hand.

2. Plant feet steady into the ground behind the base line. (The line farthest from the net.) You should be positioned so that your shoulder lines up where you are aiming. (Keep in mind that the ball should cross over to the opposite side of the court from where you are standing and can only go in the first box. The line that ends this box is called the service line.)

3. Drop your racket and bring your racquet behind you in an arc-like motion. At the same time begin to toss the ball in front of you toward the court about 5 inches or so in front.

4. Drop your racquet behind your head in a motion almost like you're scratching your back.

5. Bring the racquet forward slowly and hit the ball with as much speed as you can while keeping control.

6. At the very end after contact break your wrist downward (making sure not to hit yourself) to help the ball land in the court.