How to Increase Serve Speed

Published 1/16/2009 2:06:21 PM by Shane Barrow from Dallas, Texas

Everyone watches the pros and gawks over how hard they serve the tennis ball.  Easily 100+mph these days.  Everyone wants to be able to blast their serve and have it unreturnable.  Here are a couple of ideas that should help you increase your tennis serve power.

The first advice I have to offer is relax and don't aim.  You'll never be able to blast a tennis serve if you are tense and aiming.  Let yourself go and blast it.  If you don't get it in then you always have your second serve to put in play.  The more you practice relaxing and blasting your serve, the more you will have confidence to get it in play.  Then you will be a true serving force.

Don't ignore your legs.  Driving with your legs can add 10% to your racket head speed which could easily add 10 mph to your service speed.