Good Defensive Tennis Strategy

Published 3/25/2009 10:35:48 AM by Shane Barrow from tennisxpert

In tennis good defensive tennis strategy is just as important as the offensive side of the game.  Knowing how to handle defensive tennis situations and where to place your next shot is important to keeping the point alive and converting your defensive situation into an offensive opportunity.  Here are a couple of good defensive tennis tips.

When in a defensive tennis situation, avoid hitting down the line when possible.   In a baseline situation hitting down the line will put you farther away from where the next shot is most likely to be and cause you to have to cover much more court to track down the return.  Hitting down the line invites a cross court return from your opponent when playing on the baseline.  Thus it will cause you to have to track across court to get into position.  Of course hitting down line is a good option if your opponent is at the net.

In a defensive tennis situation dont cut your shots too close to the net.  Leave plenty of room above the net and do not cut it too close and give away the point.  Make sure to get it over and give yourself the opportunity to turn the point and get into an offensive situation to hit the winner.  You let your opponent off easily if you smack it into the net.

In relation to the last paragraph....just keep it simple.  If you are on the defensive do not try to be too cute or hit that tough winner.  Play it simple and hope for an unforced error from your opponent.  Playing it simple and keeping the ball in the center of the court will allow the opportunity for you to get a ball you like and go on the offensive.