Good Footwork a Key in Tennis

Published 4/21/2009 9:19:00 AM by Shane Barrow from Dallas, Texas

One does not have to be fast to be a good tennis player.  Speed is much less of a key factor as having good tennis footwork in getting to spots on the court needed to hit successful tennis shots.  Correct footwork can help you to cover more court, recover quicker after shots and help you prepare for the next shot.

Slow and lazy footwork will not allow you to defend your court well, and can be the result of poor defense. If you cannot move to the ball you cannot be a good defensive tennis player.  Always be on your toes....never get caught on your heels.  This will allow you to be quicker and react faster to get where you need to on the court. 

Another very important aspect of tennis footwork is to always be moving back to the center of the baseline or net after you hit each shot. You need to avoid hitting the ball and just standing there admiring your shot.  If you are on the offensive end of the point you may wish to position yourself differently than the center of the court depending on your situation. However, good defense requires you to get back to the middle to defend.

Good tennis footwork is important for good defense. Keeping your feet moving not only allows you to get to more balls, but it will keep the pressure on your opponent. Remember, you do not have to be extremely quick to be extremely effective.