Concentration the key to winning matches

Published 7/14/2009 9:48:10 AM by Shane Barrow from Dallas, Texas

Lack of concentration and a loss of focus is a primary factor in losing tennis.  A strong mind and the ability to put mistakes behind you can be the difference between winning a tough match or not.  Look no farther than the Williams sisters.  No doubt the most talented and physically intimidating womens tennis players in the world, but sometimes they will have a match in which they just flame out and get blasted by an inferior opponent.  Look no farther than to a total loss of concentration.  One unforced error turns into another and another.

There is the key.  Concentrate on the point at hand.  Do not focus on a previous mistake. Put an unforced error behind you as quickly as possible and get on to the next point.  If you have the ability to concentrate and not get flustered you will be a much more succesful match player.

Unforced errors happen.  Serves into the net happen.  Get focused and make your next shot.  Plain and simple, but so much ignored.  Simple mind over matter and concentration to make you a better and more succesful tennis player.