Keeping Your Opponent Under Pressure

Published 9/9/2009 1:54:56 AM by Shane Barrow from Dallas, Texas

Keeping pressure on your opponent is a key to being successful over the course of a tennis match.  Always attack and keep your opponent on their heels.  Even if it costs you a couple of points early on the pressure will pay off over the course of a match.  As your opponent tires they will begin to make mistakes when faced with the task of continuing to make quality shots and deal with your attacking.

This is called accumulative pressure.  The building up over the course of a match that wears on your opponent forcing more and more mistakes as the match continues.  Make your opponent play a lot of shots.  Even if you lose the point try to stretch it out as much as possible.  Reduce your number of errors and never give away a point. 

Make your opponent run.  Drop shots are great.  Force your opponent to have to cover alot of ground.  It will pay off later in the match.  Remember, keep your opponent under pressure the whole match on every point possible.  It will pay off over the course of a tough match and allow you to pull out the tight tennis win.