Tips to Improve Your Tennis Serve

Published 12/27/2009 7:03:13 AM by Shane Barrow from Dallas

No question the most important part of the tennis match is the serve.  The serve dictates the entire point if it doesn't win the point immediately.  Here are three helpful tips to improve the effectiveness of your tennis serve.

Spin!  Putting spin on your serve can keep your opponent off balance.  Even if your opponent is on your serve the spin can keep them from booming it back at you.  A good slice can force your opponent wide and open up the court for you.

Mix it Up!  Most tennis players have one serve they use almost exclusively.  There is nothing worse than a predictable serve.  Try to show your opponent different serves to keep them off balance. 

The Toss!  Learn to hit different types of serves from the same toss.  It is wonderful in tennis when you hit three flat serves and then fire a kick serve with the same toss on the fourth serve.  Watch your opponent's reaction.  Hitting different serves from the same toss will keep your opponent guessing and not allow them to settle in with strong returns.

Use the above three tips to improve your tennis serve and have more success on the court.