Movement in Doubles Tennis

Published 1/22/2010 2:27:49 PM by Shane Barrow from dallas

Movement is a key in winning any point in double tennis.  There is nothing worse than to be flat footed and not moving while your parnter is hitting the ball in doubles play.   If you are standing and watching your tennis partner hit the shot, you are not influencing the game.

What should you be doing?  Read your partner's position on the court and their direction of movement.  From this you can read what their vulnerable points will be on a return shot.  Move into a position to help cover these weak points on the court, thus allowing the two of you to be able to cover the most court.

This is not only where tennis awareness comes into play, but also fitness.  Of course the awareness is most important, but the fitness allows you to act on your awareness.  If you are not a fit tennis player then you will be much more apt to stand and rest/watch more of the game rather than positioning yourself correctly on the court.