The Importance of Hitting Cross Court

Published 5/13/2010 2:26:58 AM by Shane Barrow from dallas

The most succesful and smart tennis players know the importance of hitting cross court.   Sometimes it looks like tennis players are just hitting back and forth.  The truth is they are waiting for the right opportunity to hit down line and get their opponent into trouble.  Hitting cross court is just the safe way to set up the opportunity to take the chance.

Tennis is a game of angles.  Hitting cross court allows a player to set up an opportunity to take advantage of these angles later in the point.  It is also the safer shot in tennis.  Hitting cross court takes advantage of allowing you to hit over the lowest part of the net, decreasing the chance of a mistake.  It also makes your opponent work harder to get to the ball.  They are expending precious energy returning each ball.

So hit cross court at every chance.  The advantages are numerous and it will allow you the opportunity to open up the game and make the kill shot down line.