Pete Sampras has tennis trophies stolen

Published 12/8/2010 10:07:17 AM by Shane Barrow from dallas

Former tennis superstar Pete Sampras says most of his tennis trophies and other tennis memorabilia was stolen from a West Los Angeles public storage facility. Luckily only one of his major trophies was stolen.  The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Sampras still has 13 of his 14 grand slam trophies.

However, thieves did take most of the hardware from his 64 tour title wins, two Davis Cups, an Olympic ring and six trophies for finishing world as the top ranked tennis player in the year end rankings from 1993 to 1998.

The theft happened three weeks ago. Sampras says he's getting the word out in hopes somebody offers some information to help solve the robbery.  Pete Sampras retired in 2003 and said the loss is most upsetting because he would have liked to have shown the trophies to his children. He says the loss "is like having the history of my tennis life taken away."