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Adding Slice to your Tennis Serve


Having a prominent tennis serve is the key to dominating any tennis match.  It is not all about power though.  Adding a slice can keep your opponent off guard and also not allow them to tee off on your second serves.  A good tennis serve dictates the whole point.

It is not all about power. Of course power helps!  But movement and slice on the ball just makes that serve even more potent.  Once you learn to slice serves you will understand it is quite a weapon.  So, what exactly is a slice serve and how does a player hit one?

It is all about putting spin on the ball causing it to curve.  Instead of hitting the ball straight through you want to hit the ball to the side thus creating the spin.  There is no need to adjust the toss or your footwork.  The continental grip is the best to produce the slice as the impact of the racket to ball will be at an optimal angle.

How can slice serves be used as a weapon? When you hit a slice serve wide into the deuce court  your opponent can be pulled off the court to return.  This puts you in a better position to win the point with a simple volley at the net or by striking the ball into the open court. When you hit a slice serve into the ad court at your opponent's body, he will have almost no angle with which to return the ball.  Leaving you are left with a simple volley at the net or at least you will be on offense because of his weak return.



Tips to Improve Your Tennis Serve

Here are some helpful tips to improve the effectiveness of your tennis serve.


How to Increase Serve Speed

Everyone watches the pros and gawks over how hard they serve. Easily 100+mph these days. Everyone wants to be able to blast their serve and have it unreturnable. Here are some ideas that should help you increase your serve power.


The Importance of a PreServe Routine

The importance of establishing a preserve routine in helping you relax and hit a good first serve.


The Second Serve - Putting on the Spin

To have any chance of success with your second serve, topspin or a slice is an absolute neccesity.


Perfecting the Serve

The tennis serve is one of the hardest movements to perfect in a professional sport. Here is a nice article on perfecting the serve.

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