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Good Tennis Etiquette should always be followed


Nothing can ruin a tennis game faster than poor sportsmanship and improper tennis etiquette.  Always remember to play the game to have fun and respect your opponent at all times.  When the match is over you do not want to look back on your actions and be embarrassed.

Do not lose sight of the fact that we all hit bad shots.  It is just a fact of tennis.  Poor shots happen.  How one reacts to those shots shows what type of player and person they are.  Cut with the profanity.  Don't slam or throw your racket.  Man up and just decide to make your next shot better than your last.  This simple action will improve your tennis game drastically as you'll find your mistakes become more limited.  One mistake won't turn into several mistakes.

Unless it is a tournament or very competetive match, respect your opponents skill set.  For example, do not hit drop shots if your opponent is older or out of shape.  If they have a poor backhand try not to hit it to their backhand everytime.  Allow them to have a good experience along with you.  This will not only improve their tennis experience, it will also make tennis more enjoyable for you.

Do not make excuses the matter how poorly you play.  There will be good tennis days and bad days of tennis.  It is all a learning experience.  Excuses just make you look bad and insult a playing partner you are probably friends with.

Finally, always shake hands and show respect to your opponent no matter what the result!  It is a good closing to any match and your opponent will return the respect you gave in the long turn not only on the court with you, but also when speaking of you to others.


Pete Sampras has tennis trophies stolen

Former tennis superstar Pete Sampras says most of his tennis trophies and other tennis memorabilia was stolen from a West Los Angeles public storage facility.


So you are a Novice Tennis Player?

So you are a novice tennis player? Well we all start somewhere and it definitely takes practice to get better. Here are some simple tennis tips to improve your game.


Keeping Your Opponent Under Pressure

Keeping pressure on your opponent is a key to being successful over the course of a tennis match. Always attack and keep your opponent on their heels.


Concentration the key to winning matches

Lack of concentration and a loss of focus is a primary factor in losing tennis. A strong mind and the ability to put mistakes behind you can be the difference between winning a tough match or not.


Another for the Ages at Wimbledon

Just a year removed from what many called the greatest final in Wimbledon history Roger Federer and Andy Roddick proceeded to play another one for the ages as Federer survived in 5 sets winning the 5th 16-14.

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