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The Benefits of Fitness for your Tennis Game


There really are no limits to the benefits of quality fitness can do for your tennis game.  Weightlifting, running, flexibility.  I have heard it said that "nothing above the shoulders" helps tennis.  It means that the various exercises that involve lifting weights above shoulder level are not good. I am not going to agree nor disagree. Any time someone tells me to do less exercising, I am not going to question them. As well, tricep extensions lift the weights above your head, and I know those help.

I would also avoid "bulking up." The best tennis players are strong from a tenacity standpoint. They are simply resilient. It doesn't take much strength to lift and swing a 12-ounce tennis racquet to hit a fuzzy yellow ball. But it takes the type of weight training that small weights and lots of reps can give to be able to withstand hitting the ball hundreds of times and not get hurt. As well, good tennis players need to remain flexible, which big weight-training tends to take away.

All in all, I think all tennis players can benefit from a fitness regimen. If you play once a week, try walking or light jogging once or twice a week. If you play two or three times a week, try playing an additional time per week. At least add in a drilling routine designed to give you a good aerobic workout with short bouts of anaerobic activity.

In the end, I guarantee that you will feel better and you will also play better.


Pete Sampras has tennis trophies stolen

Former tennis superstar Pete Sampras says most of his tennis trophies and other tennis memorabilia was stolen from a West Los Angeles public storage facility.


Good Tennis Etiquette should always be followed

Nothing can ruin a tennis game faster than poor sportsmanship and improper tennis etiquette. Play the game to have fun and respect your opponent at all times.


So you are a Novice Tennis Player?

So you are a novice tennis player? Well we all start somewhere and it definitely takes practice to get better. Here are some simple tennis tips to improve your game.


Keeping Your Opponent Under Pressure

Keeping pressure on your opponent is a key to being successful over the course of a tennis match. Always attack and keep your opponent on their heels.


Concentration the key to winning matches

Lack of concentration and a loss of focus is a primary factor in losing tennis. A strong mind and the ability to put mistakes behind you can be the difference between winning a tough match or not.

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